** Date Change – 2019 DIABESITY CHALLENGE!

Enrollment Is Open. Don’t Miss It!

Soma Essential Healing
The 90-Day Diabesity Challenge 2019
4/8/19 through 7/7/19
@Our Wellness Retreat Center
in Youngstown, Ohio
and Via Webinars World-Wide!

Our 90-day Diabesity Challenge is a fun-filled, educational and transformative experience that gets results. During this period we coach you in the following:

  • Tools You Need To Monitor Your Basic Health At Home
  • Essentials of Smart Blood Sugar
  • Basics of How To Reverse Obesity
  • Holistic Nutrition For Healthy Cells
  • Eating For Energy and Vibrant Health
  • How To Drop 30 Pounds In 90 Days
  • Exercise Essentials
  • Cellular Detox
  • Weekly Coaching With Soma Essential Healing Certified Practitioners


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