Erie Case Study Project

We are performing case studies for the new Soma Essential Healing modality and Total Well-Being approach in Erie County. Part of this project includes a search for people who have an interest in experiencing our Total Well-Being approach in a case study environment.

An interest in moving on to become a certified Soma Essential Healing practitioner is not required in order to participate in this case study project. There is no cost to you to participate in this case study project.

We are seeking healing and well-being practitioners, pre-med students and progressive, friendly, open-minded individuals in Erie County who want to experience a new dimension in Total Well-Being to live life outside the box. Candidates should be eager to experience a modality and approach that will also center them in spontaneity, inspiration and the release of fears, anxiety and worry, in an environment where they will learn the basics of a proved Total Well-Being approach.

After completing an application, candidates meet with our founder to discuss this project and the degree of their involvement in it, based on their interest level and time. Candidates are approved to begin working in close contact with our founder, in the following that are embodied in the four pillars of Total Well-Being elucidated at this website.

  • Vibrational energy work.
  • Touch for self-healing and healing others.
  • Essential bodywork connected to vibrational energy work.
  • Steps to sustaining vibrant health, long-term.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact us for further information and an application. If interested, before contacting us, you should view the videos on our Home page.