Epigenetics, Fat and Your Cell Health

Excerpt: Soma Essential Healing & Wellness Founder
Speaks About Epigenetics, Metabolism and Fat

Too Much Fat Too Little Healthy Carbs
Poor Cell Metabolism Degrades Wellness

As the controversy over fat and carbs wages in the greed of health industry profits, the enduring science for healthy metabolism at the cellular level supports eating real food – whole foods that are plant-based, as the best means of promoting long-term health and wellness. The evidence-based research and case studies in the field of Holistic nutrition are the oldest and most extensive on the planet. They support improved metabolism and the healing of cells by way of reducing fat intake, switching to smaller, useful amounts of healthy fats derived from plant sources and the increase of useful, healthy carbs from whole, intact grains in small amounts, lots of vegetables (eat the rainbow), fruit, beans and legumes in modest amounts. Because you have to fix the cell in order to get well and stay well. And all chronic health conditions and disease have, at their root, degraded metabolism at the cellular level.

The science of epigenetics has proved that unhealthy cells/genes can be switched off (even those that we are predisposed to by genetic inheritance) and cells/genes that promote long-term vibrant health can be switched on and caused to multiply, without medications, surgeries or costly medical interventionsby way of 4 pillars of total well-being, one of which is food as medicine.

Watch the video excerpt to learn more.

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