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Experience the Ecology of Well-Being!


  • If you are suffering from Diabetes and/or Obesity, this is for you.
  • If you are prediabetic or believe you might be, you should enroll.
  • If you suffer from IBS and leaky gut or think you may have colon problems, you should attend.

If you are suffering from any of the other, following health conditions, you should enroll.

  • Lack of Energy or Chronic Fatigue
  • Deteriorating Well-Being
  • Poor Mental State
  • Lack of Happiness and Content
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Problems With Weight Loss
  • Poor Metabolism/Metabolic Syndrome

Our 3-month Total Well-Being Challenge is a fun-filled, educational and transformative experience that gets results. During this period we coach you in the following:

  1. Tools You Need To Monitor Your Basic Health At Home
  2. Essentials of Smart Blood Sugar
  3. Microbiome Health – Heal Leaky Gut
  4. Basics of How To Reverse and Heal Obesity
  5. How To Beat Prediabetes and Diabetes
  6. Holistic Nutrition For Healthy Cells
  7. Eating For Energy and Vibrant Health
  8. How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely – Drop 10-30 Pounds In 3 Months
  9. Good Bye Chronic Fatigue
  10. Exercise Essentials
  11. Cellular Detox
  12. Weekly Coaching With Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being Certified Practitioners
  13. Membership In Our Private Facebook Community For Ongoing Support At The End of The 11 Weeks

Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being
2020 Total Well-Being Challenge
5/1/20 through 7/24/20

Home Study + Private Sessions.


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You can enroll in this program with live sessions, full monitoring and accommodations at our retreat center, for the full 90 days. Contact us for more information about this option.

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**In addition, you will be taught Kedarji’s methods (Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being) for improving your mental state by addressing and calming the restless mind and increasing emotional resilience to stop riding the emotional roller coaster – by way of the direct experience of that Highest Power, the energy substratum of every thing, that Kedarji refers to as The Spiritual Power.

Here’s How It Works

The lessons are videotaped modules that you view online so that you can learn at your own pace within the allotted time frame for the challenge. Each lesson is accompanied by a digital handout that you receive as a PDF document. This is a home study course online, combined with live, private sessions with a certified Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being practitioner.

You have 2 weeks to study each of 5 lessons that total 19.5 hours of education/training in living a natural healing and well-being lifestyle, holistically, with all the methods to reverse and heal chronic health conditions and dis-ease.

At the end of each 2-week period, a private session is scheduled with a certified Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being practitioner. These private sessions are offered in Youngstown, Ohio. For those of you who do not live in the region, they are offered via Skype (you will need to load a free copy of Skype on to your computer/phone from Microsoft) or Zoom meeting. In these sessions you receive coaching in how to apply everything you are learning in the video lessons to your personal well-being challenges. This includes how to beat diabetes and how to lose weight fast. You also get additional recommendations for reversing any chronic health conditions you may have.

There is a pre-challenge interview and a post challenge interview to discuss the total well-being assessment that is completed at the beginning of the challenge. Blood test results for testing that you will be required to get before and after the challenge are also discussed in these interviews, as a means of monitoring your progress during the challenge (more about this in the application package).

In addition to all of the above, check out these additional benefits – yours for Free. You also get:

  • Online Access To Video Recordings of All 5 Lessons For 90 Days After The Challenge Ends, Free!
  • Kedarji’s New Release, How To Live Strong and Be Happy, in eBook Format, Free! ($12.95 Value)
  • First Year’s Membership In Our Facebook, private support community (a $79.95 value, absolutely Free).
  • Copies of Research Studies.
  • Course Handouts.
  • Recommended Reading Lists.

You will also get wonderful food recipes and be coached in how to create your own highly nutritious, daily meal plans.


$695 enrollment per person. Enroll by April 6th for 30% discount @495! $695 per person, thereafter. Enrollment deadline is April 13th.

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