Holistic Well-Being Webinars


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Holistic Well-Being Webinars

Our holistic well-being webinars are designed to bring you live, informative, lifestyle medicine presentations. These will help you get well, stay well and improve your well-being, no matter where you’re at now.

In addition, you hear and learn from prominent practitioners in the field of spirituality, whole life transformation, wellness and holistic health. They are interviewed in this webinar series. Also, you get access to webinar replays of our holistic webinar series. A purchase for lifetime access to the series will also be available soon. However, many webinars are free.

An online holistic well-being webinars series of courses is also being developed in the areas of:

  • Curing Diabesity (diabetes and obesity), Holistically
  • How To Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects of EMR and Dirty Electricity
  • Intracellular Nutrition Based On The Whole Foods, Plant-Based Approach To Meal Plans
  • Holistic Healing With Herbs
  • Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss Without Struggle and Without Medications
  • How To Get Off The Medical Treadmill

Holistic Well-Being Webinars

Accordingly, our holistic well-being webinar series is also offered to support our live events in the region, which include:

  • Total Well-Being Challenge Held Twice Each Year
  • Total Well-Being Weekend Retreats
  • Mastering Holistic Well-Being Mini Courses

You are not alone! The power of WELL-BEING COMMUNITY to nurture our well-being and spiritual transformation is far greater than videos on YouTube, books, or hibernating at home with your cheese nachos! Come Join Us!

Therefore, rather than simply focusing on symptom relief, we help you address the underlying cause. Most chronic illnesses are lifestyle diseases that can only be reversed with lifestyle medicine. Indeed, you can avoid medications and costly surgeries. In particular, you can do so by experiencing Kedarji’s Ecology of Well-Being. And his 4 pillars of Total Well-Being that you will learn more about here!

holistic wellness webinars