Your Gut Is The Key To Your Vibrant Health

Excerpt: Soma Essential Healing & Wellness Founder
Speaks About Leaky Gut and Microbiome Health


If You Don’t Fix Your Cells
You Won’t Get Well and Stay Well

Cellular health through intracellular nutrition is the backbone of vibrant health and boundless energy. And cellular health is reliant upon what’s going on in your gut. If you eat the standard American diet (SAD) and/or consume a lot of packaged food fragments, animal foods, dairy and/or processed sugar and soft drinks, it is highly likely that you are suffering from dysbiosis, commonly known as leaky gut. This results in poor microbiome health that sets the stage for all kinds of chronic health conditions and disease.

In this video excerpt of past courses, Kedarji explains the basics of your microbiome and leaky gut. Watch the video excerpt to learn more.

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