Here is what some of our clients have to say!

“I’ve suffered several back conditions and, after two surgeries and a diet of medications, I continued to struggled with even basic functioning.  Then I met with Soma Essential Healing practitioner, Deana Tareshawty, and experienced several Soma healing sessions. As a result, there has been an overall decrease in pain and my level of function has greatly increased without the use of pain killers!”

Lori M. Youngstown, OH

“I came in with my mind very busy and feeling very agitated and it’s all gone now. I feel light and it calmed my emotions – really freeing.”

Gwen K. Erie, PA

“I feel great, completely rejuvenated. My fibromyalgia pain is completely gone. I feel light and really Blissful.”

Tiffany S. Edinboro, PA

“My entire body feels refreshed and invigorated. My mind is so calm and I feel great.”

Tyrel M. Erie, PA

“Last week, I was having issues with my shoulder locking up. It’s gone now and I feel fine, calm and peaceful.”

Gwen E. Boardman, OH

“I’m centered now, very comfortable. I feel very grounded and secure, despite what’s going on around me. It also cleared my sinuses! I’ve never been able to breath this well.”

Brandy T. Youngstown, OH