The Soma Essential Healing Advantage

Soma Essential Healing is established by Kedar to lead people in adopting a healing, regenerative, holistic lifestyle that embodies well-being. Our new, proprietary, revitalizing healing modality transmits vibrational healing throughout the energy channels of the body and subtle body.

Our approach to healing and holistic well-being integrates a number of different delivery systems for healing and wellness.

Who Can Benefit from Soma Essential Healing?

Whether you are a parent/spouse, teenager, young adult, adult or elderly, or simply a person who wants to adopt a vibrant health lifestyle for healing and well-being, you can benefit our sessions.

Reported Benefits Include:

Less Worry & Anxiety
Reduces Symptoms of PTSD
Reduces and Heals Symptoms of Chronic Health Issues
More Energy & Endurance
Peace of Mind Through Calm and Centeredness
Less Workplace Stress
Better Sleep
Less Relationship Conflict
Reduced Muscle & Back Pain
Increased Flexibility
Greater Emotional Resiliency
Decreases Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma
Healing of Old Injuries
Reduces and Eliminates Anxiety Connected To Serious Illnesses
Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions


At the heart of our new, revitalizing healing modality is our proprietary vibrational healing technique that accelerates healing and the relief of many chronic symptoms. Our approach to healing and well-being is not meant as a replacement for medical treatment (please see the disclaimer in the footer of this page).

In addition, our approach also addresses making the mind quiet. A restless mind cannot produce the kind of peace, joy, centeredness, grounding and happiness that is essential for individual well being and the collective well being of everyone on the planet.

Holistic well-being requires a mind that is free from agitation, worry, doubt, fear, anxiety and restlessness. It is only in the power of the present moment that any useful and lasting change occurs. Making the mind quiet has the effect of bringing us into the power of the present moment more fully.

For these reasons, methods for addressing the restless mind are also integrated into our healing modality in order to address the mental conditioning that is at the root of most illnesses.