Your Cells Are Talking About You! Do You Know What They’re Saying?

Your Cells Are Talking About You!
Do You Know What They Are Saying?

In every moment of our existence there are millions of energetic exchanges taking place between the cells in our bodies. These exchanges are known as epigenetic expressions or communications. Our cells, literally talk to each other to keep the body functioning properly and optimally. Therefore, EVERYTHING connected to our overall wellness and health is dependent upon this communication at the cellular level.

So, if you don’t know what your cells are saying, what they’re doing as they act on this communication, then you can’t get well and stay well. Because, if yo don’t fix the cell, you can’t get well. This is why a useful understanding of what takes place at the cellular level is so important for making the lifestyle change necessary to improve our total well-being on a permanent basis. This is lifestyle medicine.

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