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Take The Total Well-Being Challenge! Dates 5/1/20-7/24/20 In Youngstown and Via Live Webcast
Reverse and Heal Diabetes and
Obesity – Heal Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes – Reverse and Heal Chronic Health Conditions – Lose Weight Fast/Safely. Home study and live, private sessions. Learn More

Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being
Live Holistic Well-Being Webinars!

Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being offers Free, 60-minute live webinars, once each month. These webinars are designed to inform you of all your options for getting well and staying well, by way of steadily increasing your overall well-being. Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being methods and approaches to all aspects of well-being are also shared.

Variety of Well-Being Topics

These webinars are offered on a variety of Well-Being and Health topics and are offered by experienced practitioners in the health and well-being field. These webinars are offered, usually on the second Monday evening of each month, from 8:30-9:30pm ET. They can be attended from any where in the world with an internet connection and a desktop, laptop or iPad computer.


Monday,  @7:30pm.  More Info & Registration

Missed a live webinar? Catch the replay Here!



Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being – Offered By Our Founder, Kedarji

Our Founder’s Personal Story – From Pain and Illness To Purpose

Learn More About Our Lifestyle of Holistic Healing & Well-Being

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Purchase The Entire Recipe Cookbook – Say Grace!
Vegan & Vegetarian recipes. Low calorie density, high nutrient density meals!

Watch The Videos – Get Your Free Autoimmune Interview
Did you know that the list of autoimmune symptoms/disorders is growing rapidly? Only 3% of all autoimmune disease is hereditary! The rest is due to lifestyle and can be cured with the right lifestyle medicine! Where are you on the autoimmune spectrum? Find out now.

Discounted Lab Work – Lab Direct Testing!
**Through our association with a national lab testing network, your Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being Practitioner can now provide you with access to discounts on most lab work that you may need, including important advanced diagnostic testing, based on discussion of your testing needs in session.

Start Your Transformation To Well-Being Today!

Holistic Well-Being Practitioner. Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being practitioners are independent professionals engaged in their own practice. If you are visiting this page to make an appointment based on a referral to a certified Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being Practitioner in your region, BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT Complete the pre-appointment Total Well-Being Assessment and you will be contacted by an SEHW certified practitioner.

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Holistic Well-Being Practitioner Certification

We also offer holistic well-being practitioner certification to certify holistic healing practitioners and medical professionals in our proprietary healing modality. If you are a holistic healing practitioner or medical professional, you can work with us to get certified in our proprietary healing modality and lifestyle medicine approach for holistic well-being practitioner certification as a Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being practitioner.