Here is what some of our clients have to say!

“I am so grateful that the Total Well-Being Weekend Retreat was offered via live webinar!  Even though I attended remotely from Texas for the weekend, it felt no less personal than if I were sitting in the same room as the presenters.  (In fact, now having experienced how effective the remote presentation was, I’ve encouraged people with health questions to reach out to a Soma Essential Healing & Wellness Certified Practitioner, regardless of where they live.)  The speakers in the retreat were engaging, interesting, knowledgeable, and spoke in a manner relatable to a novice with particular questions about health, as well as, experienced professionals with schooling in health and wellness.

Until I attended this retreat, I had no idea that so many health ailments could be addressed with Kedarji’s 4 pillars, as I typically tend to focus on weight management and exercise.  This was a wonderful reminder of how important spiritual power truly is–from a scientific standpoint–for building a strong foundation for emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  I encourage anyone with access to the Internet to take advantage of the services Soma Essential Healing & Wellness has to offer.  Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being is a comprehensive, science-based health model that people need to begin experiencing for themselves!”

Jamie W. Georgetown, TX

“Thank you for bringing us a very knowledgeable line up of speakers. Nothing is worse than listening to someone parrot information to you. I really appreciated that each presenter had their own story of transformation and gave a real account of it is like to make change and what challenges they faced in the journey to wellness. Kedarji is a wealth of knowledge and shared with humor and insight, which made the necessary scientific information more palatable for an average person like me. What he shared will help me improve my health and well-being for years to come! Mark Huberman was a delight. He spoke with passion and is a real champion for clean living. Dyanna Crane was so inspiring as she shared her journey to wellness through fitness. Her words, “what have I done to myself” are forever in my memory as a reminder to make better choices.

Many points were made over the weekend that made me contemplate my present health and well-being on all levels. One thing that really drove the point home for me was to hear how lack of health begins at the cellular level and I am totally in control of how my cells function by what I am feeding them, not only physically (as in food), but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I walked away from the weekend recharged and ready to recommit to wellness for the long haul.”
~ Deana T. A student from Canfield, OH

“In order for me to attend The Soma Essential Weekend Wellness Live Webinar Summit, I had to be at my computer by 5 am because of the time difference. It was so worth the extra effort. The Retreat began with an amazing presentation by Kedarji, founder of Soma Essential Healing and Wellness, providing up-to-date scientific information ranging from the content and structure of the cells to how our thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact our cellular epigenetic expressions leading to health or disease. I learned about why stress is called the number one killer in the United States and about all the myriad of diseases that that have the root cause in stress. Then, Deana Tareshawty, a Soma Essential Healing and Wellness certified practitioner reminded us that: “Emotions dictate how we vibrant and what we attract into our life. These unchecked emotions begin with understandings that dictate more feelings and keep us chained to understandings and causing more reactions. Emotional stress is a downward spiral. It erodes spiritual connection, and sinks into our cells and leads to chronic illness.”

Of great importance was the emphasis on spiritual power as the substrate of vibrant health. Many other health-related programs may give lip service to spiritual power and may suggest meditation or mindful walking. However Kedarji made it clear that even though spiritual power is one of the four pillars of vibrant health it is not just another aspect of vibrant health it is the starting point and encompasses mental stability, emotional resilience and vibrant physical health. The practices for spiritual power can change the epigenetic expression of cells, in a good way. Mark Huberman, president of the National Health Association provided a wealth of information about resources for healthy eating. Lady Dy (Dyanna Crane, fitness expert) gave an inspiring presentation of how she became overweight and what it took for her to lose weight and become a certified personal trainer.”
~ Sarah P. A student from Maui, HI

“I’ve suffered several back conditions and, after two surgeries and a diet of medications, I continued to struggled with even basic functioning.  Then I met with Soma Essential Healing practitioner, Deana Tareshawty, and experienced several Soma healing sessions. As a result, there has been an overall decrease in pain and my level of function has greatly increased without the use of pain killers!”

Lori M. Youngstown, OH

“I came in with my mind very busy and feeling very agitated and it’s all gone now. I feel light and it calmed my emotions – really freeing.”

Gwen K. Erie, PA

“I feel great, completely rejuvenated. My fibromyalgia pain is completely gone. I feel light and really Blissful.”

Tiffany S. Edinboro, PA

“My entire body feels refreshed and invigorated. My mind is so calm and I feel great.”

Tyrel M. Erie, PA

“Last week, I was having issues with my shoulder locking up. It’s gone now and I feel fine, calm and peaceful.”

Gwen E. Boardman, OH

“I’m centered now, very comfortable. I feel very grounded and secure, despite what’s going on around me. It also cleared my sinuses! I’ve never been able to breath this well.”

Brandy T. Youngstown, OH