**Warning! Before You Eat Another Avocado**

Have Some Deadly Bacteria Avocado

With Your Avocado

A new federal Food and Drug Administration report advises consumers to wash avocados before preparing and eating them – even though the avocado peels are inedible.

An FDA study found about 1 out of 5 avocado peels carry bacteria, including listeria, which can cause a serious food-borne illness, according to the report. Researchers also found salmonella on some avocado skins.

Listeria is a bacteria found on the skin of many fruits and vegetables, including things like avocados, oranges and acorn squash that have skins that you don’t normally eat.

**So, always be sure to use a vegetable scrub brush to clean the outside of fruits and veggies like these before you cut into them. When you cut into these, anything on the skin is transferred to your knife/fork and winds up on the food you’re eating.

Soaking and Rinsing

For similar reasons, be sure to:

  1. Soak grains for 3-6 hours minimum, and then rinse before cooking and eating.
  2. Soak and rinse all nuts before eating.
  3. Be sure to rinse all your fruits/veggies, even leafy greens, before eating.
  4. Rinse canned veggies and beans, whenever possible.

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